In Nanyuki, at 1400hrs, I found my way to the bus station and sat next to a gentleman in the matatu after a successful job assignment at the Mt Kenya region. Tired and sleepy, my concentration was dimmed.

All I wanted was to catch sleep and enjoy a peaceful ride back to Nairobi. The 14-seater was half-filled and I was scrolling on social media when a lady knocked on the window with a begging bowl. She was elderly, barefoot, and bend. With me was a 1,000 Kshs note. Looking back at the lady, her eyes were watery and sad.

“Give her 100 Kshs I will refund you when I get charge. I have 1k.” I told the guy sited next.

“I don’t have. Just give her the 1k. You will sort yourself out.” He replied teasingly. Looking back at the lady through the window, she looked at me with pity eyes. In the bowel were two five-cornered coins. I felt her pain. Unintentionally, I shoved my hand into my pocket, fetched 1k and put it on the begging bowl. The woman, shocked, picked it and gave it back to me.

“Īshīo nī nyingī muno (this is too much).” She said.

“Mama enda ununue chakula. Ni yako.( It is yours go and buy food.)” I told her and put the money back to the bowl. She looked at me and shed tears.

“Nīndauga nī wega.” She said, picked the money from the bowl, looked at it, and continued shedding tears.

“Usilie mama. Hiyo ni yako. (Don’t cry. That is yours)” My seatmate told her. She altered some Kikuyu words and walked away. I was left with nothing. The matatu was almost full so I had to go out and withdraw another amount from the phone.

“No, don’t go out. I will take care of the fare.” My seatmate, who had earlier said he didn’t have 100 Kshs told me.

Later he would wake me up at Chaka town. I slept.
“Type your number here please. Nimefika. Today you taught me a lesson. We may need to link up in the future” He said as he handed me his phone.

“Welcome bro. We are given to give.” I told him, referring to a sermon our pastor delivered a few weeks ago.

We are God’s stewards. A steward is one who manages the money or property belonging to another person. As God’s stewards, we are accountable to Him for the way we manage what He entrusts to us. It is quite absurd if anyone takes pride in what they have. Nothing belongs to us, including the very life we have that is why He takes it without no one’s permission. The bible says in Psalms 24:1 that the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, and all who live in it. God has entrusted us with resources so that we can give out. And if we hold to ourselves what He has given us, the supply could be cut short.

Pandemic – A time to demonstrate philanthropy at its best | PBA

Giving enables God to give to us. The more we give, the more God gives to us; the less we give, the less God gives to us. Jesus said in Luke 6:38b A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

One afternoon in March, a Mpesa confirmation message pops up on my phone, accompanied by a message from the sender.
‘Given to give. Bro, I learned a lesson from you. I’ve decided to start practicing the lesson today. More grace and favor.’ The message read. It was from the guy I sat with from Nanyuki two months ago.
I would later withdraw the cash and use part of it on some charity drive. We are given to give. Pay it forward.

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