It can be said that humans do not attract what they want, but rather who they are.

Sometimes intelligence, humor, and looks can easily explain attraction, but sometimes attraction can be just a sense or a feeling that simply cannot be explained. Attraction can be emotional or pure physical, as well as rational or intellectual.

There are specific behaviors that can attract many people, and those who are considered attractive usually display truly positive behaviors and actions. Here are 6 character traits of highly attractive people.

1. A good sense of humor: Life can be hard on us. We’re faced with various challenges that put even the strongest of us to the test. This is why the ability to ease up and see the humorous side of life is such an important attribute to have. Laughter can be directed towards ourselves or towards others, as long as it is well-intentioned. It goes without saying, a sense of humor is also extremely attractive – both to friends and potential romantic partners.

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2. They are well-read: A person who reads is infinitely more attractive than someone who doesn’t. The more you know, the better perspective you have on life in general. Books make you smarter, and smartness is a hot trait to have in this day and age.

3. Confidence: Most of us are fully aware that confidence is attractive, but not many can say they have it in themselves. We all have insecurities. However, some people are able to put a greater focus on their virtues. By boosting your own confidence, you will instantly become more attractive in other people’s eyes. Everyone wants to be around confident people because they can make even the most insecure person feel more comfortable. Confidence radiates and can inspire – it is almost contagious.

4 Passion: Passion is the result of a strong sense of purpose and determination. Achievement and success is commonly related to these things. Passion can often even be infectious; being around a passionate person makes it easier to become passionate yourself. And in turn, this will make you happier, because people will be naturally attracted to you.

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5 Kindness: Human beings need to be around people who are kind and virtually everyone hates being around mean-spirited individuals. To most of us, this seems like a simple concept, and yet, there are plenty of people who are cruel and vindictive. Those who are kind to everyone they interact with are extremely attractive under most circumstances.

6. Ability to make decisions: The ability to make decisions is attractive because it portrays a sense of direction. This attribute makes a potential mate greatly attractive because the ability of decision-making is something that will have to come about sooner or later. Rashness, on the other hand, is completely unattractive. Intelligent decisiveness is a highly attractive and increasingly uncommon trait to find in most people.

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