Within ourselves, we have both darkness and brightness. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, had a unique approach to the question of good and evil. One cannot deny the existence of darkness within oneself, he claims. Negative emotions make us vulnerable, whether consciously or unconsciously, and chemistry has discovered several negative hormones in the human body. The ego prefers to imagine that we are inherently good and do not dwell in any form of negativity.

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When we are hurt by someone, however, we get furious and angry. In other instances, we are overwhelmed with fear, guilt, and confusion when we experience failure or when someone unexpectedly points a finger at us. When faced with this situation, we immediately throw up barriers to protect our identities.

We may feel our gut’s vulnerability, but we manage to put on a brave face and justify as much as we can. Our conscious mind forgets about it as soon as it is over since there are so many other things to cope with. Neuroscientists discovered a few years ago that human thoughts have particular rhythms and frequencies that have a significant impact on our behavior, and that good and evil are characteristics of human conduct. The feelings of vulnerability and fury you experienced were never given the opportunity to be expressed, and instead were filed away in your shadow, which reappears in the form of bitterness and insecurity, acting as a catalyst for negative behavior.

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The emotional storehouse of your shadow is vital in your relationship with yourself, especially when it comes to setting yourself free. The world we live in is nothing more than a reflection of our own inner state. If you are full with love for yourself and others, you will meet individuals who are also filled with love, and their love will inevitably be returned to you. If, on the other hand, all you see in the outside world is wrath and discord, there must be a deeper conflict occurring within you. We are doomed to be victims of our own darkness unless we accept it. Due to insecurity, a non-confronted shadow comes at a high price: the impulse to dominate people, exert authority, and demonstrate dominance.

Our consciousness is ruled by the shadow, which becomes the source of turbulence that is constantly projected onto others. According to psychology, for a healthy mind and body, our consciousness must confront the shadow. It must be sublimated in order to break free from its chains. Consciousness is inherently limitless and uncontrolled. A person’s ability to own their shadow is crucial to achieving wholeness. But, exactly, what does “owning your shadow” imply? The shadow irritates the ego. As a result, it interferes with any and all attempts you make to figure out what is holding you down. Nonetheless, you can begin this path by observing and introspecting yourself. The first stage is to start writing down unpleasant sentiments in your head, which will cause your energy to decrease. You can command an emotion as soon as you get to the root of it. You might try to turn it into something positive in order to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

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When you recognize your own vulnerability and anger, you’ll be able to find a mindful way to cope with it. Negativity will no longer have the potential to control your life in an unconscious manner. The shadow will become your ally, assisting you in defeating the negative ideas that haunt you.

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