You’ve suffered a soul-crushing heartbreak that has buried all of your ambitions and dreams beneath the surface. You were exploited, humiliated, toyed with, and finally discarded. They shattered your heart and turned your world inside out. They took everything you cared about and left you scarred beyond recognition. And the scars serve as a constant reminder of the misery you endured.

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The things you had to go through were not forced upon you because you begged for them. You were not deserving of such treatment. You did not deserve to be in such anguish and pain. What happened to you was something you never expected to happen to you. Regrettably, it did. And now you’re here, with no choice but to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

You’re trying everything you can to erase your memories of the gloomy past. You’re attempting to get out of the emotional quagmire you’ve found yourself in. Trying your hardest to keep your humanity intact. You’re trying to get back on track, but a great force stands in your path, only serving to remind you of your mistakes. A voice that keeps speaking to you, assuring you that nothing will ever be the same. And you’re terrified. You’re afraid of what’s going on within your head. You’re afraid because you’d rather not live in this misery. You have no idea how much longer you can tolerate.

To move on and truly create a new chapter in your life, you must first address the demons within you. To begin the healing process, you must first acknowledge the past. You must accept the suffering as a part of yourself and allow it to attack you. Then you must look in the mirror and declare to yourself, “This is me, lost and broken, but I will find the inner strength to get myself out of this mess!”

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While the grief you’ve experienced may not have been your fault, the healing process is entirely your responsibility. It’s the least you can do for yourself after such a traumatic chain of events. You must take the initial step into the huge unknown, which is full with possibilities. To confront the things that fear you, but which must be dealt with. Working through painful memories and bringing a new, exciting light into your life.

It is not a solution to wait for those feelings to vanish into nothingness. It isn’t going to make the suffering go away. It will not provide you with the peace you seek. It will only make things worse. At the end of the day, one thing must be remembered. We weren’t put on this world to live without suffering. The waters were never designed to be perfectly calm all of the time. The trip is everything. It’s about how it affects you, how it pains you, how it inspires you, and how it encourages you. But, above all, it’s about how you choose to respond to it.

So, who are you going to be in your story? The hero or the victim?

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