Perhaps you’ve noticed that intelligent people tend to be single more often than others.

This could quite easily be misinterpreted as being aloof, or think they’re superior to others. They’re not alone because they think too highly of themselves either. They’re alone because they struggle to find people they feel would be an equal match for them.

Strong and intelligent people are incredibly independent. They’re not afraid that someone might break their heart or crush their dreams. Their high self-esteem and intellectual capability stops them from needing to be in a relationship with someone just for the sake of it. They have better things to do. They’re focused on achieving career goals and developing as people. They’re not interested in wasting time and energy on someone who simply doesn’t challenge them and can’t keep up. Having a relationship with someone that doesn’t push them on to develop and become a better person simply isn’t worth it. Below Are Five Reasons Intelligent People Stay Single Until Someone Worthwhile Comes Along:

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They’re independent: Intelligent and capable people are often fiercely independent. They value their alone time and their ability to do things by themselves. To people like this, independence is a way of life, and being with someone else involves giving it up to some extent. A relationship is about joining your life to someone else’s – along with all the baggage that comes with it. For many capable and independent people, that just isn’t a price worth paying at the present moment.

They won’t put up with immaturity: Maturity is something that requires a great deal of reflection and a real focus and drive on the part of an individual to improve and develop personally. Smart people won’t put up with any childish mind games. They’re straight to the point, with no time or patience for bullsh*t. If a person isn’t willing to behave like an adult, they’re not interested, resulting in them being single for far longer than they might otherwise be.

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They don’t have much time for a relationship: Intelligent people lead busy lives. They have things to do, places to be, and people to meet. Relationships take up a lot of time and energy, so often they’re something that particularly ambitious people put on hold. They simply don’t have the time they need in order to properly take on a serious relationship, so they decide it’s better to leave it for the time being.

They have high standards: Intelligent people have extremely high standards that someone has to meet in order for them to even be considered as a potential partner. They’re well aware of their self-worth, and they won’t accept someone who isn’t totally compatible with them. They need someone who’s just as intelligent, independent, and driven as themselves.

They don’t need anybody to complete them: Intelligent people are well aware that they are the only person they need in order to feel totally happy, fulfilled, and complete. They feel like their lives have purpose and direction regardless of their relationship status, so they don’t feel that drive that many people get to be in a relationship. That isn’t to say that they don’t crave love and affection like everyone does, however. It’s just that they’re in no rush to chase it – they know it will come along in due time.

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Intelligent people stay single until someone worthwhile comes along. Someone who they believe is worth giving up the single life for because they know that this relationship is going to lead somewhere extra special.

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