Can we talk about self-love today? I know this will not excite a lot of people but sometimes the truth has to be said. There is more value and freedom in loving yourself than being loved by society. It has to do with acknowledging your own worth, embracing who you truly are, and turning yourself into the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

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This gives you the freedom to be yourself without any prejudice or care what others might think or say about you. To achieve that, however, you need to gain the courage to stand up for yourself and defend your dignity and your beliefs. Yes! No one said it was easy. Letting go of what does not serve you and start living the life you deserve takes hard work.

Self-love doesn’t mean you don’t care about the people you love, but again don’t care too much about them and lose touch with yourself. Many times it is even better for you to mind your own business and let people handle their lives on their own. Worse if you stick your nose where you’re not needed, it can backfire in a quite unpleasant way for you. You should have already realized that people are full of meaningless promises and unnecessary drama. Learning how to value yourself more will put you at a safe place, away from the drama and pain of bearing empty promises. Not everyone has good intentions towards you, so you might need to reevaluate your friendships and your relationships with the people around you, even with your family.

Cut toxic people off your circle. One of the hardest truths is that not everyone deserves a second chance. In fact, some people don’t even deserve the first one. And they don’t deserve you to chase them or beg for their attention. Those who only see you as an option have no place in your heart. As you cut toxic people off, you will see that you never needed to justify your actions to anyone. You are the only person who gets to decide your next move. No one else has the right to change your direction, especially when you know in your heart you’re on the right path. Of course, you can listen to someone’s advice, but only if you are completely convinced their intentions are pure and they wish you good.

Don’t live according to socially-accepted rules. When you love yourself, you break the chains of society’s influence over you. This is your life, and you’re free to live it the way you want to. You’re not obligated to meet everyone’s expectations. Stay true to what you want from yourself and for yourself.

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Become your own top priority. Stop making other people’s well-being more important to you than your own. At the end of the day, the only person who stays true to you is yourself. Focus your energy on your self-growth and listen to nothing else but your intuition because no one else will take better care of you than yourself. Learn how to love your flaws and start doing what is best for your mind, body, and soul. I wish you pure happiness!

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