Three years ago, I found myself at the edge of life. This is something I don’t like mentioning because I survived the storm alone. Guess what was depressing me? 1. Heartbreak 💔. Yes! A very beautiful girl I loved told me that she could not date me. I guess I was too broke to sustain a relationship😭. You people don’t know what a heartbreak tastes. Mkiniona nikiwa single please muachane na mimi.

About Pain and Heartbreak – Ibukun Taiwo

2. I had submitted a 4-page article to this successful South African news blog. They wanted writers from different African countries. I assumed that I was the only Kenyan participating (big mistake). Shock unto me! They said 17 Kenyans had submitted their articles and they already had settled on one. Brooooo. I really had high expectations on that opportunity. Nilikuwa nimeanza ku imagine vile I will be traveling to Johannesburg for job meetings 😭😭😭😭. Lesson learned; remove expectations from people, jobs, relationships, opportunities etc. They are dangerous. I couldn’t imagine I had lost such an opportunity. I felt like a total loser 😭. All of sudden life became useless. I became lazy, skipped classes, and slept. I received the rejection email on a Wednesday, I will never forget that day I was in the school’s computer laboratory, I packed my books nicely and went back to my house and slept. I gradually lost interest on everything and was not picking calls from anyone. From that Wednesday up to Sunday, I ate nothing! My work was to drink water and sleep until one of my neighbors noted that something was wrong with me. He cooked food and forced me to eat. Having caring neighbors is important. One month later, I came out of that depression, stronger than ever, and with lessons. God is faithful.

Have you ever been depressed? One thing about depression is that, you don’t really know you are depressed. Depression is a serious mental illness that can interfere with a person’s life. It can cause long-lasting and severe feelings of sadness, hopelessness, a loss of interest in activities, physical symptoms of pain, appetite changes, and sleep problems.

Signs of Depression

Hopeless outlook: Major depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel about life in general. Having a hopeless or helpless outlook on your life is the most common symptom of depression. Other feelings may be worthlessness, self-hate, or inappropriate guilt. Common, recurring thoughts of depression may be vocalized as, “It’s all my fault,” or “What’s the point?”

Lost interest: Depression can take the pleasure or enjoyment out of the things you love. A loss of interest or withdrawal from activities that you once looked forward to — sports, hobbies, or going out with friends — is yet another telltale sign of major depression.

Increased fatigue and sleep problems: Part of the reason you might stop doing things you enjoy is because you feel very tired. Depression often comes with a lack of energy and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, which can be among the most debilitating symptoms of depression. This could lead to excessive sleeping. Depression is also linked with insomnia, as one might lead to the other and vice versa. They can also make each other worse. The lack of quality, restful sleep can also lead to anxiety.

Irritability in men: Depression can affect the sexes differently. Research shows that men with depression may have symptoms such as irritability, escapist or risky behavior, substance abuse, or misplaced anger. Men are also less likely than women to recognize depression or seek treatment for it.

Why Is the US Death Rate Rising? Dr. Sanjay Gupta Looks at the Deadly  Effects of Despair

Changes in appetite and weight: Weight and appetite can fluctuate for people with depression. This experience may be different for each person. Some people will have an increased appetite and gain weight, while others won’t be hungry and will lose weight. One indication of whether dietary changes are related to depression is if they’re intentional or not. If they’re not, it may mean that they’re caused by depression.

Uncontrollable emotions: One minute it’s an outburst of anger. The next you’re crying uncontrollably. Nothing outside of you prompted the change, but your emotions are up and down at a moment’s notice. Depression can cause mood swings.

Bullying Girls - bullying

Looking at death: Depression is sometimes connected with suicide. People who die by suicide usually show symptoms first. Often people will talk about it or make a first attempt before succeeding in ending their life. If you think someone is at immediate risk of self-harm or hurting another person: Stay with the person until help arrives; Remove any guns, knives, medications, or other things that may cause harm; Listen, but don’t judge, argue, threaten, or yell.

Those who are experiencing symptoms of depression should seek medical assistance. Depression can worsen without treatment and affect a person’s quality of life. A family doctor or mental health professional will discuss treatment options to help the person manage their depression and carry on with daily life. Do you feel I have left out on some points? Let me know in the comment section. For more inquiries reach me through Follow me on social media here. FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube 

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  1. Vincent Guba

    I don’t know whether someone has ever told you this, you are an hero. This article has just touched a little bit about you and I’ve realized that we are all not perfect. The inspirations you post on instagram mean alot to me, especially @ this particular time. I hope I will come out strong, just like you did. May you never luck bro,

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