Right now as I am writing this there are two messages in my phone from friends and both are seeking financial help from me. I am not a financial institution and to spice it up, I am not in any salaried job. I want to reply the messages in the most polite way without hurting any of them. Now that its January, guess what I will tell them. Who doesn’t know January is a hard month? Because everyone is complaining that hakuna pesa! Hii ni January bro. Kumekauka.

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But deep inside, I know its inappropriate to associate lack of money with January. Its inappropriate because when you walk in town you will see people getting into malls and doing purchases as usual. The same January someone somewhere bought a brand new car worth 3million. The same January a parent took his son back to School and cleared school fees for term one. So where did those people get money? Therefore I discovered that lack of money during the month of January is an illusion.

So what happens? For the entire month of December, there’s been lights, music, fun, and parties so it is not surprising that once the decorations come down, you come down too.

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This, combined with the tired, crappy feeling you have after weeks of overindulgence, makes for a bad start to the year. Especially when you threw all the money you had so honestly saved for the entire year. And 1st January finds you confused and lost in the jungle of financial insufficiency. That does not mean you didn’t have money. It is just that all the money you had got drained in the name of tunasherehekea krisimasi. I have personally seen people borrowing as little as 1000 cash as bus fare to take them back to town. Yet you could see the same people throwing out money in the air on 25th December. As if December is the last month of their lives. They forget that January is also another month. So stop complaining about lack of money. Complain about your lack of financial planning.

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