Untold Expressions


I am often misunderstood. I understand why though, I can be weird at times. I say weird things when I don’t know what to say. Then I over analyze what I said and I replay it over and over again in my head. That is why I choose to be quiet most of the time.

I don’t care about fitting in with the crowd, because I have never been a follower. I have always just done my own things. I guess I am an outsider perhaps. But I’m okay with that. I am careful who I spend my time with because I am sensitive. Overbearing or aggressive people can negatively impact my mental wellbeing. Maybe that is why I mostly like being alone.

But I am a lover. I am super empathetic to the things and people around me. I feel so deeply, and maybe too deeply at times. Sometimes, however, I act in certain ways to protect myself (my heart). I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers, and I don’t text back to people I don’t know. That is my natural way of protecting my energy. It is weird, yes I know, but I can’t do it any other way. I love the world, but sometimes it feels fake to me, so I avoid it at all costs. So yes, I am often misunderstood, and that is okay. I have accepted who I am, and I am okay with not fitting into a world where my souls feels like it doesn’t belong.

I am not antisocial. I don’t hate people. I am not shy. I am not rude. I do things, and I am not always quiet. But I do love solitude. I love genuine, warm, and kind people. My soul is sensitive and empathetic. I am reserved in nature and I am often quiet because I’m observing and listening.

I have days when the only thing I want to do is be ALONE. In my head. And I also have days when I want to go hiking, adventures and visit lakes, rivers and wander around in random little towns.

People probably think I am antisocial and weird because I behave weirdly when I am uncomfortable. But let me tell you, if I call you my best friend, please know that it means you mean a lot to me. I don’t just let anyone into my heart. It takes a special and safe person to be in my world.

I have a very small circle of friends, but that does not mean I don’t like people. I just like being around the right people who are soothing for my soul.

I am not always quiet, but I do like to observe my environment first and if I feel mentally and emotionally ‘safe’, you will see me come alive. I actually do enjoy being social when my energy is high, but when it is low, I like to be alone, with just myself and my thoughts.

I am not okay with having to talk just to talk. I simply like substance. Truth is, I feel most at home, when I’m alone. And that is not a bad thing. It is just my thing..

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