In 2021 I have this friend from Nakuru, she is called W. We knew each other back in 2018. Funny thing is, there was a type of chemistry between us, but we were both dating. The next best thing we could be was friends.

January 2021, W’s father passes on. Planning for burial and everything, she asks me to form a WhatsApp group for friends to contribute.

People were sending money to her line, then forward me mpesa message so that I update kwa group. Good money was raised, around 650k. One person contributed 140k, he forwarded me 2 Mpesa messages, 70k each. Let us call him T.

Now, later that day, T calls me, asks me how we are related to W. I tell him that we are good friends, nothing more. He goes ahead to thank me for organising people to contribute towards the burial of his girlfriend’s dad. Okay, now I know W’s boyfriend.

Fast forward to burial day. I was up by 5am, I needed to be in Kinangop by 9am. T called later to ask if we could go together ju yeye pia anaishi Nairobi, na hakuwa anajua route. He had a car, a clean Honda insight. I had already left, I told him nikifika nitapin location afuate.

Nimefika Kinagop saa nne, met W and asked where I could help

“Just ensure wangeni wasipotee, everything else is taken care off.” She said in a low mood, grief had hit her hard.

I pinned location on WhatsApp group. 60 people were coming. Kazi ilikuwa kupick calls, telling them which route to use, usipitie hio, panda juu, piga corner. Umefika wapi? Kwa akina W ni milima, deep in the village. GPS was not giving accurate route.

As preparations for burial were ongoing, W stayed in the house with her sisters and one gentleman whose identity I couldn’t figure out, let us call him G. I guessed he was a cousin, or something of that sort. Burial programme started at 12 noon.

T arrived at 1pm, together with 2 of his friends. Alienda huko mbele mahali W sat, greeted her, then came back. Later on kidogo akaniuliza

“Who is that dude?”

“I don’t know, maybe he’s a cousin?” I said.

“No, I know her cousins.” He responded.

Story ikaisha.

Fast forward. Burial iliisha around 3pm, everyone was parting ways, but W stayed close with G. I went to say goodbye to W,

“Mapema aje? I thought unalala huku.” She said. That time G was giving me a bad side eye.

“No, I have to be back in Nairobi today.” I say.

“It’s okay Sam, thank you for everything. This is my boyfriend bytheway.” She replied while referring to G.

“Nice to meet you, I am W’s friend.” I said as I greet G

For a moment, that got me confused, because previously, T had said he was W’s boyfriend. Eeeeeeeh!

Nikatoka nje ya compound and bumped into T having a chat with W uncles.

“Ebu kuja kidogo” T calls me

“Imagine nimeambiwa W is a married woman! Did you know that?” T says. At that point I don’t know what I should do.

“Let us do this, we will call W here, akuje na G. Then she will say it herself.” One of the uncles says as he goes into the compound.

“Bro, just calm down, wait until she heals from grief. It is the wrong time for this” I advise T.

“No, this is my girlfriend.” T says angrily.

The uncle comes back with W and G.

T is fuming,

“What is the problem?” G asks.

“This guys wants to know how you are related to W. ” one uncle said.

“W is my wife,” G says confidently. I could see the frustration in T’s face. He is furiously looking at W.

“T, (she called him his real name) rudi Nairobi kwanza, we will talk.” W says

“What do you mean talk? Talk about what?” G asks W, loud.

One of the uncles pulled W & G aside, told them to go back to the house. He then came back to T and advised him to just go back to Nairobi, that W is married and it is not good to play with married people

T was speechless. His friends were trying to calm him down, telling him W sio msichana wa mwisho. Kuna wengine.

Mimi nilikuwa hapo nimeshagaa kwani kunaenda aje. Juu ukiona mtu ametoa 140,000 KES! That means something.

In that confusion nikapata free lift ya kurudi Nairobi. Tukiwa kwa gari, T couldn’t believe yet.

“We were together in Nairobi last weekend. Before aende Kinangop tulikuwa na yeye Nairobi. Alitoka Nakuru akakuja Nairobi, ndio akaenda Kinangop,” T says.

That was true, becoz we had talked with W that weekend. She had mentioned that ako Nairobi.

Mimi nilikuwa confused bado, because now W is my friend. I didn’t know whether I should have been on her side, or not.

Later on..

I asked W what really happened, she said G was a toxic man, she was in the process of breaking the relationship.

W got married last year Feb by a different dude, they have a beautiful daughter.


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