“Madame, my card. I am done.” Gerald says, for a second time.

“Ooh sorry. Here it is.” Sofhia, who seems carried away by thoughts, hands over a card to Gerald.

“And what’s your name again?” He asks as he puts the card into his wallet.

“I am sofy.” Sofhia answers. Gerald produces a business card and hands it to her.

“Here is my business card. I work with the CIC insurance group.” He says. Sofhia declines.

“What is this for?” She asks.

“Sorry, my name is Gerald. I thought we could link up later after the job.” He responds.

“I asked you what the card is for,” Sofhia says, looking directly at Gerald.

“Madame, you don’t have to be rude. Have a good evening.” Gerald says and walks out. He gets into his car, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class which is parked just outside the hospital and drives away.

After watching Gerald drive away, Sofhia becomes curious and quickly navigates through the hospital patient records on the computer. Fortunately, Gerald’s details are right there at the beginning of the list.

“What are you doing?” Maggie, Sofhia’s colleague, and best friend interrupt.

“I am working,” Sofhia replies.

“I mean, what are you doing after job?” Maggie asks.

“Oooh. I will go straight home to do laundry. I spent the entire weekend with Carl and did nothing in my house” Sofhia replies.

“Really? How is Carl bytheway?” Maggie asks.

“He is good. But their contract was terminated last month. He has been looking for a job.” Sofhia says.

“No wonder he was texting me yesterday,” Maggie responds.

“I am the one who told him to ask you if your brother can accept him in his business,” Sofhia says.

“I see. I will ask him if they would need someone. Carl is a very hard-working guy.” Maggie responds.

“Sure. Let me serve them we will talk later.” Sofhia says and turns to attend to two patients who have lined up at the reception.

Sofhia is a receptionist at the Crest hospital while her friend Maggie is a beginner dentist. They are both in their middle 20s. Sofhia and Maggie are not working in the same hospital by coincidence. They have been friends since high school. Even though they attended different colleges, they have maintained their friendship to this day. Maggie has a big brother, a successful young business lad who has a car garage and a car showroom, both located along Kiambu road. Maggie’s mom is a Pediatrician and has been in the medical career for over 30 years now. She is the one who persuaded her daughter to venture into the medical field.

Five months ago, the hospital announced a job vacancy in the reception and Maggie immediately informed Sofhia, who was (then) doing a mpesa job in Kisii town. She grabbed the opportunity, attended an interview, and fortunately, she was accepted to work in the hospital as a receptionist.

‘Mmmmh. 34 years old. Not bad.’ Sofhia tells herself as she scrolls through Gerald’s details on the computer. After making sure no one is looking at her, she fetches her phone, types Gerald’s phone number, and saves it as “CIC” in her contact list.

Sofhia has been in a relationship with Carl for the last 3 years. They met in college and fall in love. They usually catch up every weekend for adventure and fun. But ever since Carl’s job ended, they haven’t gone anywhere. She has been taking care of Carl’s bills for the last one month.

“I just talked to my brother and he said he can offer Carl a mechanic job,” Maggie tells Sofhia as they walk towards the gate, later after job hours.

“Really? Carl is very choosy when it comes to jobs.” Sofhia answers.

“My brother pays well. He should consider the offer because there is no time. Tell him to visit the garage tomorrow. My brother will be there.” Maggie says.

“I will tell him. Thank you so much.” Sofhia responds.

“Welcome. And bytheway, you saved some patient’s contacts in your phone, why?” Maggie enquires. Sofhia is shocked.

“What are you talking about?” She asks.

“I am talking about Gerald.” Why did you take his contacts?” Maggie responds. As Sofhia opens her mouth to answer, her phone blasts with a loud ringtone and interrupts the conversation.

“It’s Carl,” Sofhia says and puts the phone against her tiny ears.


CARL: Hello beb. I’ve been called for an interview. I might be getting a new job. Guess where.

SOFHIA: Congrats beby. Where? I hope it’s not Mombasa. I can’t imagine being left here alone.

CARL: No. Crest hospital!

SOFHIA: What?!

CARL: Yes. Maggie’s Mom talked to HR and they called me for an interview tomorrow.

SOFHIA: (Looking at Maggie) Wait! How did she know you needed a job?

CARL: It’s a long story beby. (Hangs up)

“What is he saying?” Maggie asks.

“Carl is coming for an interview in our hospital tomorrow!” Sofhia responds.

“Are you serious?” Maggie asks.

“Yes. And it is your Mom who connected him to the HR.” Sofhia replies.

“Well, I need to tell you something Sofhia,” Maggie responds and stands still.

“What?” Sofhia asks.

“It is my mom who connected Carl to the contract which got terminated,” Maggie says.

“Maggie, I thought you were my friend. Why do I feel that these are things I should have known earlier?” Sofhia responds.

“I knew nothing about it until recently Sofy. I am sorry.” Maggie replies.

“What else do I need to know?” Sofhia asks.

“Nothing else. Cool down girl.” Maggie replies.

Sofhia’s moods just changed. What confuses her most is the kind of relationship Carl, her boyfriend, has with her best friend’s Mom.

“You know what? There is something else. Have a good evening.” Sofhia says and walks fast, leaving Maggie standing behind.

REWIND<<<< Two weeks earlier (evening)

Terry, a 54 years old Pediatrician is driving along Kitisuru road from her job. She works in Kenyatta National Hospital. Terry is Maggie’s Mom. As she approaches the Two Rivers Mall diversion, she slows down to pick someone, a young man who stands beside the road, the exact place they had agreed to meet earlier today.

“Have I kept you here for long?” Terry asks after the young man gets into the car.

“Not at all. I am good.” He responds.

“Now, tell me. What happened?” Terry continues.

“The contract ended. Just like that.” The young man responds. His name is Carl.

“Don’t worry. I will get you another job. And how have you been surviving?” Terry asks.

“Sofhia has been sending me hand-outs. But it is still not enough.” Carl replies.

“Sofhia again! I thought we finished that topic Carl” Terry responds.

“She is the one who loves me. I don’t love her.” Carl says.

“How can I be sure?” Terry asks.

“Well, when I get another job, I will surely break up with her,” Carl responds. Terry starts the car engine and drives slowly towards Two Rivers Mall.

“I will get you another job. Let’s do some shopping for you here.”


Sofhia arrives home. She has somehow calmed down and ready to do laundry. In her mind, however, the thought of being at the passenger seat in a Mercedes Benz (s class) marvels her. She regrets the fact that they could not have a constructive talk with Gerald.

‘I will not be rude again next time.’ she tells herself as she puts water in a basin. Zuchu’s 𝙎𝙪𝙠𝙖𝙧𝙞 song fills the whole of her bedsitter as she washes her clothes. She puts music on full blast every time she is doing laundry.



Sofhia attends to her duties at the reception quietly. Carl told her that his interview is scheduled for 11 am. As much as she cares, Sofhia wishes for Carl to fail the interview. She is not ready to have him as her colleague.

‘I like my freedom.’ she tells herself.

‘I don’t want him around here. He will make it hard for me to talk to Gerald.’ she continues. She knows Gerald must come back again. She misses him. But she is not sure whether she is attracted to him, or the car.

“Sofy!” Maggie storms into the reception room.

‘This girl is annoying.’ She tells herself.

“What’s up?” Sofhia responds.

“Have you seen Carl?” Maggie asks.

“No. His interview is scheduled at 11 am.” Sofhia replies.

“Noo. I have seen him driving the ambulance!” Maggie says.

“So he lied to me?” Sofhia asks.

“I don’t know. But it seems they already have given him the job.” Maggie says.

“Just let him be. These stories are boring.” Sofhia responds.

“I know. So tell me, why did you save Gerald’s contact in your phone?” Maggie asks.

“And you like sniffing around my stuff. How did you even know I saved it?” Sofhia responds.

“I was at the door. I saw you. Well, it is not bad to have our patient’s contacts. After all, life is yours. But Sofy, you have a boyfriend.” Maggie replies.

“Come on. Will you leave me alone now?” Sofhia responds harshly.

“Before I leave you, do you love Carl really? Just tell me the truth Sofy.” Maggie says.

“You already know the answer. Why are you asking?” Sofhia replies. Maggie is asking too many questions. She is digging too deep.

“Okay. I leave you. But whatever you do, make sure Carl doesn’t get to know.” Maggie responds and walks away.

“Whatever.” Sofhia whispers. Maggie is always like that, wanting to know other people’s business while she doesn’t want hers to be known. She likes udaku.

‘why does she want to know whether I love Carl?’ Sofhia asks herself.

‘Having Gerald’s number in my contact list doesn’t mean I don’t love my boyfriend. What if I only need a ride in his car. Yes. That is what I want.’ she convinces herself.



Carl gets out of the ambulance and walks to the hospital. He is done with his first day at his new job.

“Hey, beby. Are you busy?” He asks Sofhia, who is busy navigating through the computer. She is making sure everything is okay before she goes home.

“No I am not. How was the interview?” Sofhia asks.

“There was no interview. I got the job unceremoniously.” Carl replies.

“Nye Nye! What is unceremonious? Do not think I am that foolish.” Sofhia says as she packs her things. It’s time to go home. She is not happy. And part of it is because Gerald failed to show up at the hospital. She was expecting him.

“Cool down beby. What’s wrong? Stop shouting.” Carl tries to calm her down. Whatever he told Sofhia yesterday was a slip of the tongue. Perhaps, the excitement of getting a job overwhelmed him. Anything about his affair with Terry should not have come anywhere near Sofhia’s ears.

“Are you related to Maggie’s Mom?” Sofhia asks. They walk outside and join Maggie, who has been standing at the gate waiting for them.

“Hey Carl. How was job today?” Maggie asks. She is unaware of the tension between Carl and Sofhia.

“It was good,” Carl responds, pretending nothing is happening. Sofhia increases her pace, leaving Carl and Maggie behind.

“What is wrong with her?” Maggie asks silently. Carl shakes his shoulders.

“Hey Sofy. Kwani leo uko na haraka aje?” Maggie asks teasingly.

“Yeah niko na haraka,” Sofhia responds throwing hands. She increases her pace and leaves the two behind.

“Why did you tell her that mom connected you to this job? Ni wewe uliharibu.” Maggie tells Carl.

“I didn’t know she would behave this way.” Carl answers.

“Bytheway let me ask you. Do you love Sofhia?” Maggie asks.

“Are you serious? She is my girlfriend. I love her.” Carl responds.

“Okay. I see. What were you doing with Mom in Mombasa? Or you thought I didn’t know?” Maggie asks. Carl slows down and looks at Maggie in disbelief. Sofhia is walking fast ahead of them.

“Maggie! How dare you bring this topic while my girlfriend is here?” Carl murmurs silently.

“She is way too far. She can’t hear anything.” Maggie responds.

“I respect you a lot, Maggie. Whether you know or you don’t, let us not bring your mom into this discussion.” Carl replies.

“Not at all. I have an offer.” Maggie says.

“Which offer now? Please stop this Maggie.” Carl begs.

“This coming weekend, I want you to come to my house we spent the day together. Otherwise, I will tell Sofhia everything.” Maggie demands.

“Maggie! Are you mad?” Carl asks.

“I have been craving for you. No better opportunity than this. I will give you time to think about it. Tomorrow I need an answer” Maggie says, gives Carl a peck, and winks at him.

“Bye, see you tomorrow,” Maggie says and gets into a matatu, which had stopped beside the road for her. Carl is confused. He loves his girlfriend. At no one point will he ever leave Sofhia. Even though his affair with Terry is a threat to his relationship with Sofhia, he is determined that their relationship will never break.

‘When my financial situation stabilizes, I will leave Terry and marry Sofhia,’ he has been telling himself. But Maggie has spoiled the whole fun. He knows well that Maggie has nothing to lose. He has to choose between cheating Sofhia with her best friend to save the relationship or let Sofhia know about their affair with Terry.



It is 11 pm and Sofhia has not yet slept. She is toying with the idea of calling Gerald on phone.

‘I miss him.’ She tells herself. Every time she fetches her phone to call Gerald, she ends up putting away the phone.

‘What will he think of me? What if he is married?’ she keeps asking herself.

‘I want to talk to him’ she says. Then, all of sudden, she takes her phone, scrolls down the contact list, and calls “CIC”. The phone call goes unanswered.

‘He might be asleep.’ she consoles herself and sleeps.



“Have you reconciled with your girlfriend?” Maggie asks Carl, who came to pick the ambulance keys.

“Can you leave me alone please,” Carl replies.

“I’m waiting for your response. Good day.” Maggie responds. Carl is not yet decided. The thought of breaking up with Sofhia terrifies him. He passes through the reception and winks at Sofhia, who is attending to patients. Sofhia winks back.

‘She winked back! She is okay now,’ Carl tells himself. He walks out smiling, goes to the parking lot, and gets into the ambulance, ready for the day.



A ringtone from Sofhia’s phone blasts the entire reception area. She quickly picks the phone to answer. The call is from Gerald.

GERALD: Hey. I missed your call yesterday. Who is this?

SOFHIA: (smiling) give a guess.

GERALD: I don’t have time for guessing. Bye.

(Hangs up)

Sofhia feels bad. She missed another opportunity! But to her surprise, as if it was a dream, Gerald’s car pulls at the gate and slowly moves to the parking lot, just outside the hospital. Sofhia’s heartbeat increases. She curiously looks outside as the car door opens. Gerald gets out of the car and hurriedly walks into the hospital. Sofhia waits to serve him with a smile. But her expectations are betrayed when Gerald walks past the reception and enters the consultation room.

‘How? Every patient has to pass by me.’ she asks herself. Maggie comes to the reception laughing.

“What is funny?” Sofhia asks.

“Don’t worry, he will pass here when he finishes his business,” Maggie responds amidst laughter and goes back.

‘You are so annoying Maggie’, Sofhia says to herself.


“It is not working doctor. I’m losing hope.” Gerald tells the doctor.

“You have to be patient Sir. They will work. Meanwhile, can we test your blood pressure?” The doctor says as he fetches a sphygmomanometer.

“How long will I wait? Yesterday I was too sick to work. I need to be productive in my job.” Gerald replies.

“As long as you are eating healthy and exercising, you will be okay.” The doctor responds. They wait for the sphygmomanometer to read blood pressure.

“How is the pressure?” Gerald asks.

“It is normal. Nothing to worry about.” The doctor replies. Gerald sighs and looks down.

“I will come back again on Monday if I don’t see any change,” Gerald says and stands up to leave.

“It’s okay. I hope you are following on what we had agreed.” The doctor enquires.

“I told you I am single, doctor,” Gerald says and walks out. By coincidence, he meets Maggie in the corridor.

“Madame, where are the washrooms?” Gerald asks.

“Over there. Come I show you.” Maggie responds and leads him to the male washrooms.

“Thank you. Wait for me there please.” Gerald says and gets into the washrooms.

‘He is so handsome, no wonder he is driving Sofy crazy.’ Maggie tells herself. After a few minutes, Gerald is done with the washrooms.

“So, what’s your name?” He asks Maggie.

“I am Maggie, and you?” Maggie responds as they walk through the corridor towards the reception.

“My name is Gerald. Would you mind giving me a call in the evening?” He replies and gives Maggie his business card.

“I definitely will call you. Thank you.” Maggie says and gets into her office. She didn’t want Sofhia to see them talking. Gerald walks past the reception, without talking to Sofhia.

“Hey, Gerald” Sofhia calls out. Gerald turns back and walks to the reception.

“Yes, madame,” Gerald responds. Sofhia is speechless for a minute. She looks at Gerald straight into the eyes and blushes. His well-shaven mustache makes him look cuter.

“How can I help you?” Sofhia asks.

“I had an appointment with my doctor and I am done. Thank you for asking.” Gerald says and walks out through the door.

‘I wanted him to talk to me. I wanted more.’ Sofhia says to herself while admiring Gerald’s shoes as he walks away. That opportunity, probably the only opportunity she had, slipped away just like that.


“Sofy, look what I got.” Maggie storms into the reception with Gerald’s business card in her hands.

“What is this?” Sofhia asks.

“His business card,” Maggie responds. The card which Sofhia declined is now in her best friend’s hands.

“Are you serious now? How did you get it?” She asks Maggie.

“He gave it to me without asking. ” Maggie responds. Sofhia, filled with jealousy, grabs the card from Maggie’s hand, tears it into pieces, and throws it into the trashbin.

“I am the one who talked to him first. Get out of here.” Sofhia says angrily.

“Young girl, jealousy will kill you. I already have saved his contact. He is now mine.” Maggie says and walks away.

Filled with furry, Sofhia fetches her phone and scrolls down the contact list to “CIC”. She calls Gerald. The call goes unanswered.


“I have made a decision,” Carl tells Maggie as they walk to the gate after job hours.

“Ehe! What did you decide?” Maggie asks.

“I will come and spend the weekend with you,” Carl responds.

“Nice one. But let it be on Sunday. Make sure Sofy knows nothing about this.” Maggie responds.

“Provided you will keep your word. I love Sofhia so much. I don’t want to lose her.” Carl replies.

“Which word are you talking about?” Maggie asks.

“Don’t tell Sofhia anything, please. I’m not ready to lose her.” Carl responds.

“It’s okay. See you on Sunday.” Maggie says and gets into a matatu.


After taking supper, Maggie decides to call Gerald.

MAGGIE: Hello, it’s Maggie.

GERALD: Hello. Ooh. How are you, Maggie?

MAGGIE: I am good. How are you fairing?

GERALD: I am good. Can we meet tomorrow?

MAGGIE: Yes of course.

GERALD: Okay. I will send you the Uber fare we meet in town.

MAGGIE: Okay, see you tomorrow. Have a good night. (Hangs up)

‘I have to prove Sofy wrong. She cannot have the good things all by herself’ Maggie says to herself and sleeps.


At 11 pm, Sofhia is still awake. She has been stressing about why Gerald failed to talk to her today.

‘Am I not good-looking enough?’ she asks herself. What pains her more is the fact Gerald gave Maggie his business card.

‘But Maggie is not as beautiful as I am.’ she continues. To regain her peace of mind Sofhia decided to talk to Carl.

CARL: Hello beby.

SOFHIA: Hello. I thought you are asleep.

CARL: Not yet. I was thinking about you.

SOFHIA: What about me?

CARL: Today you looked stressed. I hope you are okay.

SOFHIA: I am good. Will you be free tomorrow? I need company.

CARL: No I won’t. I will travel upcountry.

SOFHIA: Oooh. Really? What about Sunday?

CARL: I will not be available the whole weekend since I’m traveling home and I will return on Sunday evening.

SOFHIA: Okay have a good night.

CARL: But I will make it up to…(Sofhia hangs up)

‘Another lonely weekend’ Sofhia tells herself and falls asleep…


Sofhia wakes up to four missed calls from Carl.

‘Why is he calling this early? He said he would be traveling today.’ she asks herself.

‘Maybe he canceled the traveling plans.’ she continues and calls Carl back. The phone is picked up by a familiar lady’s voice. She hangs up and blasts into laughter.

‘I knew it.’ she tells herself amidst laughter.

‘So, upcountry ni kwa Terry?” She says and continues laughing.


“Wake up useless. I cannot be sharing you with a rat. I want you to call her and break up as I hear.” Terry barks at Carl, who is still sleeping. Yesterday after his job, he came to spend the night with her.

“She is still asleep,” Carl responds.

“No. Call her right now or forget about the money.” Terry replies.

Yesterday before they slept, Carl had asked Terry for some money to buy a TV. Terry said she would think about it the following day. But Carl never thought it would turn out this way. He still loves Sofhia. He doesn’t know how to break up with her. But because he needs the money, he decides to call Sofhia.

“I told you she is asleep,” Carl says after the first call goes unanswered.

“Call her again. I want to hear the two of you break-up.” Terry barks. Carl calls again, and again and again. All the calls are unanswered.

“She is not awake,” Carl says and goes back to sleep.

“We are not done,” Terry says. A few minutes later the phone rings. Terry picks it as Carl is still in slumber.

TERRY: Hello.

SOFHIA: (Hangs up)

“Why did you pick the call?” Carl asks, now awake.

“Get out of my house now,” Terry responds and picks Carl’s clothes. She throws them out through the window. Carl slowly gets out of bed and walks to the dining room.

“What have I done?” He asks.

“I said get out of my house,” Terry says and grabs Carl by his hand. He staggers on his way out.

“So you were just using me?” He asks as he picks his trousers outside. Terry bangs the door and locks it.

‘These boys don’t have manners. He thinks I’m World bank.’ Terry tells herself.

Carl wears his clothes and goes away.


While Maggie scrolls down on social media, a Mpesa message pops on her screen followed by a message from Gerald.

‘I have sent you 5,000 Kshs for Uber. Let’s meet in Kilimani. Sending you my location pin in a few.’

Excited, she immediately drops her phone and goes to shower. This is the moment she has been waiting.


“I think I need to get you back to your place before it gets dark,” Gerald suggests. They are lying in bed watching TV after having a good time together.

“I thought we were spending the whole weekend here?” Maggie asks.

“No. We can’t.” Gerald responds.

“Okay, no problem. Give me what you promised then.” Maggie answers. Gerald opens a closet under the bed and fetches money.

“This is 30,000 Kshs. It was fun having you.” He says.

“Wow! Thanks a lot.” Maggie says. She has never received this huge money from anyone else.

“Let me change my clothes quickly. I will drop you at your place.” Gerald says as he peruses through his wardrobe.


Sofhia is relaxing in her house watching the 7 pm news. She doesn’t often watch TV. But she has nothing to do. She spent the day all alone. With what happened in the morning, Carl is no longer her boyfriend. She cannot have a boyfriend who sleeps around with everyone.

‘At least I am relieved. The insecurities were too much.’ She tells herself and fetches her phone, scrolls down her contact list to “CIC” and calls Gerald. She still thinks about him. This time, Gerald picks her call.


SOFHIA: Hello. It’s Sofhia. The lady who served you at the reception in Crest hospital.

GERALD: Ooh. Good one. How are you?

SOFHIA: I am good what about you?

GERALD: I am good. Niambie.

SOFHIA: I was just saying hae. How is everything?

GERALD: Everything is good. Can we meet next weekend?

SOFHIA: Yes sure.

GERALD: Okay. We shall communicate then.

(Hangs up before Sofhia replies)

‘He hangs up before I say anything. And I am the one who called him. Ego!’ Sofhia wonders.


Maggie arrives at her house. She cannot believe that in her handbag there is 30k.

‘Let me count this again.’ she tells herself, fetches the money, and counts again. The counting is interrupted by a call from Carl.

MAGGIE: Hello.

CARL: Hello. Are we still spending together tomorrow?

MAGGIE: Yes. I will be waiting for you.

CARL: Sawa see you tomorrow. Have a good night.

MAGGIE: Good night too.

Carl will spend the Sunday with Maggie, not because he wants to protect any secret, but he is stressed that Terry kicked him out and Sofhia already knows the truth. He just needs company.



“I can explain Sofy please,” Carl tells Sofhia, who’s preparing herself for the day at the reception.

“Explain about what Carl? I am done with you. Do you remember the first time you cheated on me? I forgave you, right? You are just a dumbass. Forget about me.” Sofhia says angrily. Carl pauses for a minute and walks away.

‘I’m done with him. I want someone like Gerald. Not boys who go sleeping around to get a job.’ she tells herself.

Carl gets into the ambulance and drives away.

“Hey, are you busy? Need to show you something.” Maggie interrupts Sofhia.

“What is it?” Sofhia responds. Maggie shows a photo to Sofhia.

“I spent the weekend with Gerald bytheway.” She tells Sofhia.

“What nonsense are you showing me?” Sofhia replies angrily and turns away from Maggie.

“He is now officially mine,” Maggie says and walks away.



Gerald gets into the hospital, this time he doesn’t have the car. He walks past the reception to the consultation room without saying a word to Sofhia.


“Doctor, it is not working. I am not feeling well.” Gerald says. The doctor quickly decides to check his blood pressure and temperature. After a few minutes, the doctor seems shocked and rushes out, leaving Gerald confused. Maggie, whose office is next door, comes to say hae to Gerald.

“Are you okay?” She asks Gerald, who seems weak.

“Mind your own business please,” Gerald responds.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asks. Before Gerald says anything, the doctor returns.

“Quickly, we need to admit him. His condition is critical ” He says. Another doctor gets in and carries Gerald away with a stretcher.

“What is wrong with him?” Maggie asks the doctor.

“He is HIV positive. Seems it has reached the third stage.” The doctor responds. Maggie is shocked.

“Whaaaaat?” She murmurs. Before the doctor says anything, Sofhia rushes in.

“Doctor, you’re needed outside. There is a patient who needs emergency attention.” Sofhia says.

“Okay. Gerald was diagnosed with HIV/Aids three years ago.” The doctor says and rushes outside.

“Wait. Which Gerald is he talking about?” Sofhia asks Maggie, who is too shocked to say anything.

“The one Gerald…” Maggie murmurs.

“MAGGIE, did you sleep with him?” Sofhia asks. Maggie tries to answer but she feels dizzy. The image of Sofhia becomes blurry. She tries to clear his head but everything turns blurry. She collapses.

Carl walks in, just on time.

“Sofhia, you are needed at the reception.” He says.

“Maggie has collapsed,” Sofhia responds.

“What is wrong with her?” Carl replies.

“Gerald is HIV positive. And Maggie spent the weekend with him.” Sofhia explains.

“WHAAAAAT?” Carl shouts with his eyes wide open. Shocked and confused, he runs away like a mad person. Before he reaches outside, his vision becomes blurry. He, too, collapses.


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